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A Lettering Project by Erik Marinovich

To own your own fancy one-of-a-kind work of art envelope, complete the form below. Each custom envelope is $250, which includes the cost of shipping it to you (don’t worry, it will be safely packaged within another envelope so it arives pristine and perfect.) Your artwork won’t look anything like what you see here and while I know you want to art direct the crap out of this you can’t. Where’s the fun in that?! Each envelope is completely unique and you will be happily surprised with the styles of lettering chosen especially for you. Note by paying for an envelope you are agreeing to have your envelope/address shown publicly on envelope gallery page. If you have privacy issues please email here to request your envelope/address remain private and unpublished (additional fee applies, as your work will sadly not be a part of the online gallery). *Note* International orders welcomed!

Currently working on fulfilling all remaining orders. Thank you everyone for your support and long patience!